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    a novel by Nancy Danielson Mendenhall; just released (1/2020)

    The summary:

    Five newcomers arrive at the 1998 Settlers' Reunion at the mid-Columbia River: two anthropologists drawn by the storytelling, two on special missions from their elders, and a Siberian shaman intent on river healing. A Wanapum Indian bus driver angry over salmon losses takes them into the devastated area around the defunct Hanford atomic plant, the scene of the 1943 settler evictions. That view, and the growing threat of nuclear waste from the plant, spark new insights, friendships, and loves. Decades-old anger is swept into vows of action to save the salmon, the Columbia, and the world beyond.

    award winning novel of the Alaskan Arctic by Lesley Thomas

    Flight of the Goose:

    A Story of the Far North

    award-winning novel of the Arctic by Alaskan Lesley Thomas

    nonfiction by Alaskan fisherman and historian Nancy Danielson Mendenhall,  Nov. 2015

    social history of settlers on the Columbia River, by Nancy Danielson Mendenhall

    philosophy and art of aikido, by Eric Oberg

    An Illustrated Poem/Storybook

    Be on the lookout for

    Shannon M. Lin's rudimentary, colorful hobby-art style in her upcoming book.


    (An example of her art here >>)


    Torvald: Memoirs of a Grandfather From Northern Norway

    a work in progress by Nancy Danielson Mendenhall and Lesley Thomas; includes socio-historical background of late 1800s/early 20th Century Arctic Norway and the emigration experience, photos, and illustrations by Lesley's grandfather Torvald Magnus Danielson

    (1900, Husvig, Norway - 1973, Seattle)


    The Otter's Ransom

    a work in progress by (pen name); a speculative fiction trilogy


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    Lesley Thomas and Eric Oberg are owners (and workforce) of our micro-press

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    We used the logo of the original Far Eastern Press of Eric's grandfather, who published college textbooks in Seattle in the 60s

    a fan of Orchards of Eden and Storytellers at the Columbia River

    Frank Meek, 2020, photo by Tim Wheeler

    Meek is an original resident of the White Bluffs settlement (evicted in 1943 to make way for the Manhattan Project--which is one of the big themes in both of Mendenhall's books set on the Columbia River.

    Mendenhall also spent her childhood in White Bluffs at her grandparents' farm.  

    Far Eastern Press at PNBA fair

    Our books in 2006

    Showing Moving Toward Harmony, Orchards of Eden and Flight of the Goose at Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association fair

    Lesley's reading at University of AK

    Flight of the Goose for Earth Day

    Bellingham Weekly, Environmental Bookshelf, 2006

    new titles celebrating (and mourning) Planet Earth

    The Arctic Trading Post in Alaska

    author Lesley Thomas with Flight of the Goose in her hometown of Nome 

    Author debut

    Lesley Thomas, 2005, in Seattle newspaper

    for Flight of the Goose, "a winner"

    two nonfiction books with Far Eastern Press

    After great success with her social history Orchards of Eden, Nancy published Rough Waters in November, 2015

    Author event

    in Nome, Alaska 

    Feb 24, 2016 in Nome, Rough Waters

    Author interview, Mendenhall

    Nome Nugget, 2016

    And a write up of Rough Waters in Alaska Dispatch (Anchorage Daily News), Feb. 2016

    Review by Sandra Ingerman, leading shamanic practitioner, author and teacher:


    "If you are looking for a great read I highly suggest Flight of the Goose by Lesley Thomas. It is an amazing story and I am recommending it to every one I meet. I loved this book!!

    Lesley grew up in rural communities in the Alaskan Arctic, on a fishing boat in Southeast Alaska, and on a small farm on the Puget Sound prior to its development. Her families of birth and intermarriage are from different cultures. And her interest in shamanism and birds began early. She has also studied arctic ecology.

    Flight of the Goose is an amazing novel combining a love story, with some deep teachings about shamanism in the arctic, the complexities of life of a small village, and deep ecology.

    It is very rich. It was one of those books I simply could not put down. And Lesley Thomas is a brilliant writer. I cannot say enough about this book."

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